About us.

WhiteStone Technology, founded in 2000 as a company focused on the development of Customer Service products, has evolved into a model whose mission is applied research, technological development and innovation for the implementation of solutions in the area of technology applied to the Management of Calibration and Testing Laboratories, Telemedicine, Creativity and Visual Language, and Process Management and Customer Support Services.

Our vision and strategic values ​​are based on three essential aspects:

Customer orientation

Technological innovation


Since its inception, WhiteStone has supported various organizations around the world. The company has international representation to serve a wide portfolio of clients from both the private and public sectors in practically all industry sectors: Public Administration, Banking, Education, Media and Telecommunications, Health, Insurance, Services, etc.

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In 2013, we have directed our efforts towards the research and development of innovative applications for the Calibration and Testing Laboratory industry.

As a result of this work, WhiteStone has introduced its Calibry platform as a technological reference in the calibration and testing laboratory sector, in the application of the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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Currently, we continue to promote software innovation aimed at Calibration and Testing Laboratories with projects for the application of Artificial Intelligence in the development of predictive calibration capabilities, effective management of large volumes of measurements and remote monitoring systems.