Calibry offers a comprehensive platform designed to revolutionize the management of calibration and testing laboratories.

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Full integration and centralized management.

Calibry integrates all laboratory processes into a single tool, allowing centralized management that guarantees the metrological traceability of all operations. The platform supports both cloud configurations and in-house deployments, providing flexibility and security adapted to your needs.

Exhaustive equipment and reference standards control.

Our platform provides a detailed record of all equipment, including service history and actions taken. With the ability to import massive data and manage identification tags, Calibry simplifies the monitoring and maintenance of your equipment, ensuring meticulous and efficient control.

Corporate integrations.

Calibry integrates seamlessly with your lab’s existing corporate platforms, using technologies such as JSON, REST API, and SOAP. This guarantees fluid and secure communication with your measurement systems and other corporate tools.

Documentation and regulatory compliance.

Calibry centralizes all laboratory documentation, ensuring easy and secure access. With version controls and approval flows, you maintain the integrity and validity of your documents, complying with international regulations such as ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Reports and performance indicators.

Our management console allows the design of dynamic reports based on KPIs, providing a clear and accurate view of operational performance. With the ability to automatically schedule and send reports, keep your team always informed and aligned with lab goals.

Advanced user management.

Calibry facilitates efficient administration of users and groups, allowing detailed control of permissions and access. With tools for technician qualification and training management, you ensure your team is always up to date and operating with maximum competence.

Automated procedures.

Automate calibration and testing procedures with our advanced data analysis and results visualization tools. Calibry provides an interactive graphical editor that allows you to easily create and maintain procedures, optimizing time and reducing errors.

Efficient work and logistics management.

Automates the creation and management of work orders, optimizing task planning and tracking. Our logistics system controls incoming and outgoing equipment and samples, ensuring orderly and accurate management from receipt to return.

User Portal.

Offer your customers an adaptive and multilingual access to manage their instruments, calibration plans and certificates. With an intuitive interface, your customers can access a detailed history of calibrations and tests, improving transparency and communication.

Real-time environmental monitoring.

Calibry continuously captures and monitors laboratory environmental conditions, ensuring that all critical parameters remain within optimal limits. With custom rules and real-time alerts, you can quickly respond to any deviations, ensuring the quality and accuracy of your results.

Flexibility and mobility.

With our mobile app, manage work orders and record readings directly from mobile devices. Calibry allows flexible and decentralized operations, adapting to the changing needs of your laboratory.

Calibry not only optimizes calibration and testing processes, but also transforms laboratory management, providing a robust and versatile tool that adapts to the demands of the modern market.

Lead the digital transformation of your Laboratory.
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