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Digital Solutions where creativity
and visual language predominate as a tool
for user interaction and transmitter of
positive reinforcement.

Computer application that through the participation of pediatric patients and incorporating assessment tools and accepted therapeutic strategies developed on a recreational basis, allows the healthcare professional continuous monitoring of the assessment and treatment of pediatric acute pain.


Apps Development

Design and development of multi-channel and cross-platform applications in an original and creative way with an active involvement in all processes from the functional documentation, wireframe and prototyping up to the store publishing and support.


Digital Games
and Books

Latest development technologies and the most powerful engines like Unity 3D for the creation of games and digital books, promoting a dual mindset - creative and technical – that expands interactive communication with the end use in a positive way.


Digital Art

Digital illustration raises the foundations of traditional illustration to meet the latest available technologies. Placed in the service of the development of full interactive applications, it provides a user experience (UX) rich in visual stimuli that enhances creativity, strengthening the
effectiveness of the messages.


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