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WhiteStone Chronic Disease Management is an innovative platform for the management of several programmes of remote health assistance that will allow health services to provide a homogeneous and personalized treatment to patients suffering from certain diseases, keeping the patient monitored daily, enabling the early detection of possible medical problems.

The integration of health services and patient management through WhiteStone CDM have been developed under standards of accessibility and usability, allowing the easy use of the platform as well as protecting the integrity of the data and privacy at all times.

The platform created by WhiteStone consists of several programs that meet the needs of a full telecare service and is composed of a multi-language 100% web integrated set of applications:

Medical Solutions

Set of tools for managing the patient in the tele-assistance program and operational service tasks, such as managing and monitoring the equipment associated with the patient, events and alerts.

By providing remote monitoring of management aspects and patient clinical events gathered on the platform that are essential in the decision-making, WhiteStone CDM enables, for example, to identify at all times those patients who might be at risk.
Home Solutions

Provides a secure collaboration platform for interaction between patients and medical staff in the form of a web portal for easy access and use for patients, family and caregivers using the infrastructure already available by the patient (personal computer, internet access, medical devices).


The mobile solutions are available for patients and clinical staff, providing the medical staff with an application that allows to monitor patient data in real-time from any location, and by the same extent providing the patient with a tool for sending his medical data in a manual or automatic way using the mobile phone as a channel of communication.

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