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WhiteStone Technology is a company whose mission is applied research, technological development and innovation for the creation of solutions in the field of technology applied to Telemedicine, Calibration and Testing Laboratories Management, Creativity and Visual Language and Process Management and Customer Support Services.

The vision and strategic values of the company are based on three essential aspects:

  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Technological Advance - Innovation.
  • Globalization.

Founded in Sydney, Australia, WhiteStone Technology has been supporting many organizations worldwide since the year 2000. The company has sales offices in Australia, Germany, Singapore and Spain to service an international base of clientele, both in the private and government sectors.

The company currently has a portfolio of clients including large national and international corporations in virtually all industry sectors: Public Administration, Banking, Education, Media and Telecommunications, Health, Insurance, etc.

A 100% web integrated set of applications intended for healthcare professionals, patients and other agents involved in the process of managing the clinical treatment of remote groups of patients.

WhiteStone Chronic Disease Management is an innovative platform for the management of several programmes of remote health assistance that will allow health services to provide a homogeneous and personalized treatment to patients suffering from certain diseases, keeping the patient monitored daily, enabling the early detection of possible medical problems.

The solution allows access to patient information at any time from the device used by medical personnel providing an efficient and agile interaction, paramount in running a successful home care.

Adaptable to any type of tele-assistance solution, either medical or social, and scalable to different user needs, WhiteStone Chronic Disease Management allows, among other benefits, to reduce costs due to decompensation in chronically ill patients, as well as timing and waiting lists and consequently improving quality and performance by optimization of the tele-assistance service.

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Calibration and Testing Laboratories
The system designed by professionals of the sector, based on the technical and management requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 International Standard.

WhiteStone Calibry is a 100% Web-based, multi-language solution focussed on the optimization of the global management of measurement and control instrumentation. It is designed for laboratories and industries that require the management of technical assets in order to ensure the quality of measurements and tests.

Calibry is the definitive solution for the complete management of all equipment items and their traceability. It provides increased measurable information, increases efficiency within the organization and minimizes the time dedicated to the management of technical and quality tasks. It enables the optimization of company resources, significantly reducing associated costs.

It provides a differentiation in the sector by providing: :

  • Comprehensive management and optimization of the process of use, calibration and maintenance of own and customer equipment.
  • Elimination of processes without added value.
  • Operational transparency to customers and conformity assessment bodies.
  • Management control and supervision. Information integrity.
  • History and auditing of accesses and modifications.

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Creativity and
Visual Language

Digital Solutions where creativity and visual language predominate as a tool for user interaction and transmitter of positive reinforcement.

Latest development technologies in creating solutions in both concept and design as well as technical implementation, functional test, animation and visual development:

  • Developing Apps.
  • Games and Digital Books.
  • Digital Art.

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Customer Care

The Solution for First Class Customer Support.

WhiteStone Service Desk is an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) ready solution that unifies Incident/Problem, Knowledge, Configuration, Change, Service Request and Service Level management via automation. It fully integrates these ITIL processes and allows seamless sharing of data between modules and supports multiple languages.

A global solution for providing companies with a quality customer service and the institutions with an increase on citizen care services effectiveness, through business process automation 100% web based which facilitates the processes of service management from start to finish, enables seamless data exchange between modules and multiple languages support.

WSD is designed for rapid deployment in any customer support environment. Pre-built workflow templates are available for:

  • Customer Support.
  • IT Help Desk.
  • IT Service Management.
  • Change Management.
  • Configuration Management.
  • Service Request .

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