Lead the digital transformation of your Laboratory with WhiteStone Calibry.

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Calibry leads the digital evolution in the comprehensive management of calibration and testing laboratories.

Calibry consolidates all laboratory processes on a single platform, automating calibration and testing procedures to maximize the efficiency of technical and economic resources.
This tool protects business know-how and facilitates decentralized operations while maintaining centralized management and policy, allowing laboratories to modernize their operations and improve productivity without compromising safety or quality.

Solution developed for the scalable and secure transformation of your laboratory.


reduction in analysis time.

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integral solution
with unlimited access to all its features.

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Multi-company and multi-laboratories
allowing differentiated structures to be established under a single installation.

Towards laboratory 4.0.

True automation of laboratory calibration procedures, allowing services to be offered at more competitive prices.

At WhiteStone, we drive the evolution towards Laboratory 4.0 with different levels of automation in our Calibry solution.
From traditional manual operation.
Through the integration of Excel procedures that pre-load and process data automatically.
To full automation in Calibry, where calculations and certificate generation are efficiently handled within the platform.
Finally, Calibry Capture represents the pinnacle of integration, allowing not only the reception of data, but also the sending of commands to compatible equipment for a complete two-way interaction, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and accuracy in real time.

The real solution to optimize processes and maximize profits.

Calibry is the sector’s application to establish, implement and maintain the management system in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 17025 standard, ensuring the validity of laboratory results.

Through Calibry, the laboratory evolves to respond to the concept of metrological traceability through the processes implemented through the platform.

Provides a wide range of integration capabilities.








CL Interface

Open Architecture

Benefits of using Calibry.

Complete process automation.

Optimize efficiency and reduce human errors by automating calibration and testing processes.

Compliance with international standards.

Guarantees compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, ensuring the validity and reliability of the laboratory results.
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Efficient data management.

Facilitates the management and analysis of large volumes of data, improving decision making and laboratory productivity.

Control and supervision by management.

Advanced control and supervision tools by management, ensuring effective and centralized management.

Integration with media instruments.

It allows bi-directional communication with a wide range of measurement instruments, guaranteeing fluid and efficient integration.
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Protection of Know-How.

Ensures that knowledge and experience are maintained within the laboratory, protecting the intellectual assets of the organization.

Scalability and flexibility.

Adaptable to the specific needs of each laboratory, from small facilities to large organizations with multiple locations.

Ensuring the maintenance of high standards.

Management of audits, intercomparisons, non-conformities and other quality management and performance evaluation processes.
Facilitates remote monitoring and auditing, crucial to maintaining quality and compliance in a post-COVID environment.

Document management.

Centralizes and organizes all laboratory documentation, allowing easy, secure and segmented access. Ensures the integrity and validity of documents through digital signature and approval flow management, thus accelerating administrative processes.

User Portal.

Provides customers with direct access to relevant information, project status, calibration results and other important data, improving transparency and communication.

Multilingual support.

Available in multiple languages, making it easy to adopt and use in laboratories around the world.

Continuous updates and improvements.

Receive regular updates that incorporate new features, performance improvements, and support for new browser versions.

Security and data protection.

Ensures the protection of critical data through advanced security measures, complying with the strictest industry standards.

Processes and operations in accordance with the general requirements of the standards: ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Calibry’s operation focuses on meeting the requirements established by the ISO 9000 and ISO 17000 structure standards.

These standards apply to the company and not to the products, ensuring its customers that the quality of its services will be maintained over time.

Calibry provides the necessary means to establish and maintain this working system.

A unique value proposition.

Comprehensive management and optimization

Integral management and optimization of the process of use, calibration and maintenance of own and customer equipment.

Elimination of processes without added value

Identification and elimination of processes that do not add value, improving operational efficiency.

Operational transparency

Transparency of operations for customers and conformity assessment bodies, facilitating audit and external supervision.

Control and supervision by management

Advanced control and supervision tools by management, ensuring effective and centralized management.

Information integrity

Ensuring the integrity of information through robust security and data protection systems.

Access history and audit trail

Detailed history and audit of accesses and modifications, ensuring full traceability of all actions performed on the platform.

Innovation and continuous improvement

Commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, adapting the platform to the changing needs of the industry and new regulations.

Specialized technical support

Access to a highly qualified technical support team in the industry, which provides fast and effective assistance to resolve any problem or query.

Scalability and flexibility

Scalable and flexible solution that adapts to laboratories of different sizes and needs, from small facilities to large multinational organizations.

Saas or In-House Solution.

Service hosted in the cloud on a platform that provides security, integrity and flexibility or hosted in your own facilities.

Calibry leads the digital evolution in the comprehensive management of calibration and testing laboratories.

Operate more flexibly, efficiently and sustainably. Securely integrate software and automation toward LABORATORY 4.0.

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